Yufu official app appeared! !

"Things to Do", "disaster prevention information," "living information" come to notice "Notice" to the timely application was born from Yufu!

Events, disaster prevention information, such as childbirth and child-rearing information, or we will not get any local information of Yufu?
Registration, such as e-mail address and password is not required! You can use it immediately after download.


To look for the excitement of only Yufu.

Spring soft light shines on Yufu. Grassland is dyed jet-black with open burning, preparation begins to color in rich four seasons. Deep, deep green is dazzling summer, Soyosoyo To trail of pampas grass autumn, winter piggyback Dokkari To white snow, hot springs pouring To plenty of us warm from the core of the body.
Which season of Yufu face, is a good expression that round and round with the change. Speaking of warm, heart of the people who live here. Can touch here and there in mind spun the lives of at Yufu in the commonplace.
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Some of the spiritual home here

Wrapped in kindness of Yufu with ーーーーーーーー.
The Yufu, of a lot, there is a warmth.
Land of warmth, human warmth ....
And put yourself in here,
Get used to honest yourself with nature.