Pears and pear-products
Very sweet and juicy pears. In the pear harvesting season of September to October, you can find many places selling pears directly from the plantation along National Route 210.
Additionally, in the city, pear jam, pear ice cream and other processed pear products are for sale.
Senyro Eggplants
Also known as “Kaori Murasaki” ? fragrant purple, these easy-to-eat eggplants are rich in polyphenols.
Mainly Sagahonoka strawberries are produced, but Toyonoka strawberries are also commonly grown.
Momotaro tomatoes, produced in the Asono district, Shonai-cho, are very good for beauty and health.
Making the most of the cool climate in the Yufuin area, this spinach is harvested in summer.
Japanese Citron
Japanese citrons cultivation is very popular in the Shimoyunohira area, used for things like Yuzu pepper, it is ideal for a souvenir.
Exclusively between June and July, these thin skinned large blueberries are very sweet.