It stands for Automated External Defibrillators, also referred to as the automatic external defibrillator.
Inserting of power depending on the model, there may be different presence or absence of the cable connection of the electrode pads and the like, but in general will be activated by the following procedure.
(1) Turn on the AED.
(2) paste the seal, called the electrode pads on the chest of the victim.
(3) to connect the cable of the electrode pads to the AED body.
(4) AED automatically analyzes the electrocardiogram.
(5) (if there is an instruction by the voice from the AED) performing the defibrillation.
Even if there is no medical knowledge, such as ECG, arrhythmia to the user, to determine whether the AED body needs is automatically defibrillation. Only if the user is that AED has determined that the need defibrillation, you can run the defibrillation (by pressing the defibrillation button).
※ disturbance of consciousness, respiratory arrest, in order to rescue the fell victim of cardiac arrest, etc., among cardiopulmonary resuscitation, such as airway, artificial respiration, heart massage, it is important to use the AED.